Message from CTA Team Canada ELD Vendors: The State of Canada’s Third Party ELD Certification Process

The federally regulated trucking industry in Canada is preparing for full enforcement of the third party certified electronic logging device (ELD) mandate by June 2022. A significant step in the preparedness process for the industry is installing or updating current electronic recording devices to third-party certified approved ELDs.

The third-party certification system is a first of its kind in North America and is highly technical. CTA Team Canada ELD vendors want to assure the carrier industry that they are diligently working through the process and, although it is taking longer than initially anticipated, the third-party ELD certification regime is working as it was designed to operate. As such, Team Canada ELD vendors are confident that they will emerge through the process with certified devices that meet Government of Canada technical specifications, which also includes the ability to update current electronic recording devices to certified ELDs. With Team Canada third party certified ELDs installed in Canadian trucks, the safety benefits of hours-of-service rules will be maximized by ensuring all fleets abide by Canadian hours of service rules.  To contact Team Canada ELD Vendors (listed in alphabetical order) see below:

AttriX Technologies Inc.

894 Boul. Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Qc J3H 6B7

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