On the Road Again by Myrna Chartrand...

Myrna Chartrand : Myrna was born and raised in Oak Point, Manitoba.
Posted By Myrna Chartrand : Myrna was born and raised in Oak Point, Manitoba. On 2020-01-31 10:02:34

I would like to start off with some lyrics from The Kendalls, "Thank God for the radio. When I'm
on the road. When I'm far from home and feelin' blue. Thank God for the radio. Playin' all night
long. Playin' all the songs, that mean so much to me and you."
As most truck drivers know, its music that gets us through those long days and nights on the
road. It helps us through those good times and the bad. It gets us moving to the groove when
that feeling hits or inspires us when we think we can hit the high notes like Whitney Houston.
Music is often a connection between people, whether it's remembering a fun outing between
friends, an emotional moment between people, etc. Music is extremely therapeutic for me. If you
really listen to the lyrics of songs, it's uncanny how so many of them seem like they are speaking
right to you. It's like they know exactly how you feel and what you are going through.
I lost my mom almost 11 years ago now and I find my biggest connection to her is music. I hear
certain songs that remind me of her or certain lyrics that hit a real spot in my heart. With the
holidays, I find I need music even more since the holidays have really been a tough time since I
lost my mom. I listen to certain Christmas carols and I think of how, when I used to sing them
around her, she would tell me, "If you are singing for my benefit, you don't need to continue!"
Then we would laugh and carry on listening.
There is one Christmas song in particular that I find the saddest song. It's "The Christmas
Shoes" by Newsong. The lyrics are describing this guy who is saying he's not really in the mood
for Christmas. Once he sees this boy in need for a present for his mom since she may not make it
through the night, he pays for the gift for the boy and this generosity brings spirit to his holiday
again. He has made the Christmas for this little boy and his mom!
I remember Christmas Day, 11 years ago and how I looked my mom in the eye, wished her a
Merry Christmas and knew it was the last time I would ever tell her that again. Now I feel that I
have lost my Christmas spirit for good. I have such a hard time trying to remember all the great
holidays we had because I focus so much on the one bad one. I have worked on Christmas Day
a few times since then as more of an escape than anything. In the end, it never really helped
because then I think of how selfish I am by running away and leaving my other family and
friends behind.
I listen to a wide variety of music and some days I feel the urge to listen to a good mix of "bar"
songs. We all know those ones that they played on good nights out like, "You Shook Me All
Night Long" by AC/DC or "Cotton Eye Joe" by Rednex. They really bring pep to my step and I
think back on the good days when my friends and I used to go bar hopping. Oh, what a time that
was and what a whole other life it seems like now!!
Music is also something that keeps me motivated for my workouts. In my last article, I wrote
about my new health and fitness regime that I started. I'm happy to report that since October
1st, I have lost 21 pounds and 20 inches in total from body measurements!! Music gets me
moving I tell ya!! It's not easy but I'm doing it. I haven't missed a workout yet but with a few trips to Texas on the cold days, I have to say that sure helps!!
I love it when my friends and fellow drivers share new music with me. Sometimes I'm a creature
of habit and listen to the same old songs but then I get introduced to new artists and think, "How
have I not heard of this singer or band yet? They are amazing!!" Social media and music
streaming apps have become such a great platform as well to share these great finds with
others. A lot of people suggest audiobooks to me to pass the time and I have found that I just
don't seem to absorb the content. I could listen for an hour and not have the slightest idea what
they were talking about. I find even with music, I sometimes need to repeat a song several times
just because I didn't feel I gave it the respect it deserves or I didn't listen to it closely enough to
really capture the message.
I'm guessing I'm not alone in some of these thoughts because deep down I think a lot of us,
whether we are truck drivers or not, have really let music and lyrics get us through some of our
most difficult and most happy times.

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