Canadian and Proud of it

Posted By John White: EDITOR-IN-CHIEF On 2023-05-08 21:11:22

With Canada Day coming, I want to say that when I hear words like tyranny, communism or comments about our lack of freedom, I get my back up and immediately question the speaker's knowledge. Either they do not fully understand what those things are, or they are simply using them for the shock effect to impress people with their bravado. I am sure this is the case, as I cannot understand how people can mistake democracy for communism or tyranny. No society has ever achieved complete personal freedom. There are always limitations in place to maintain social order and protect the well-being of the community as a whole.

I understand that these terms are often used out of frustration by people who have a specific rule or law that they do not like. But, unfortunately, I think it often alienates people who might generally support their cause.

Let me explain where I am coming from for those who may get their panties in a knot over this editorial. (That comment alone will get some going, so to head that off, I'll apologize now for using an old-school, slightly misogynistic term.)

I have been a conservative all my life. I do not like nor vote for Justin Trudeau or his father, Pierre. (Yes, I was old enough.) I think that Pierre divided Canada more than he united it. I dislike Justin for his treatment of our veterans and seniors and that the surgery wait times for Canadians, unlike those for politicians, and those on workers' compensation, continue to grow as he arrogantly holds the purse strings. I believe politicians and those on workers' compensation (who get paid while off) should get in line behind seniors and all other Canadian citizens while waiting for life-changing surgeries. I guarantee this would shorten the line. I also believe that politicians' pensions should be more in line with the rest of Canadians. This, too, would bring quick changes.

Now back to my original rant. Canada is a democracy, and as a Western Canadian, I hate the fact that we have little or no control over who governs. By the time the polls close in Eestern Canada, the election has already been decided. But that is what a democracy is - the majority rules. That is what our veterans fought for.

On Canada Day and every day, we should be proud that Canada consistently ranks in the top 10 countries worldwide for individual freedom and in the top 5 for personal happiness. The annual Human Freedom Index, which the Cato Institute publishes, ranks Canada sixth in the world for personal freedom. This rating considers the rule of law, freedom of expression and religion, freedom of movement, and property rights. According to the World Economic Forum, Canada ranks third among those who want to immigrate. Of course, Canada is not perfect, and no country is, and if you are not satisfied with the amount of personal freedom you currently enjoy, then, by all means, protest. It is your right. But if you insist on using ridiculous terms to describe what we already have, you do not and will not have the support of most Canadians.

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