Driver Retention Matters_ New Volvo VNL

Tony Singh
Posted By Tony Singh On 2024-02-21 22:03:39

According to Volvo, the new VNL truck will play a crucial role in driver retention and safety for fleets. By providing top-notch equipment, companies can create a more appealing work environment for drivers.

Since many drivers spend the majority of their lifetime on the road in trucks, having reliable and modern equipment can make a big difference in their job satisfaction and loyalty to the company. This investment in quality equipment not only enhances safety but also helps in retaining skilled drivers, ultimately benefiting the company in the long run.

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Volvo Trucks in Dublin, Virginia, where I got behind the wheel of their latest VNL truck. It was an amazing experience driving what Volvo claims to be one of the safest trucks on the road. According to them, the VNL is not just any truck - it's developed, manufactured, and designed specifically for North America, aiming to revolutionize the industry.

What impressed me the most was learning that over 90% of the truck's design has been completely reimagined. It's clear that Volvo has invested heavily in reshaping the trucking industry with this groundbreaking redesign.

Volvo estimates a remarkable $20,000 in savings per truck per year. This includes $5,800 in safety improvements, $5000 in enhanced driver productivity, and a significant $3,400 in connectivity and uptime enhancements.

One standout aspect is its remarkable fuel efficiency, with Volvo estimating a substantial 10% reduction in fuel consumption per truck per year. These substantial savings highlight Volvo's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that empower fleets to operate more efficiently and profitably while ensuring driver safety and satisfaction.

The new VNL Volvo Truck is available in four versions: the VNL 300, VNL 440 with a 42" short sleeper, VNL 640/660 with a 62" sleeper, and VNL 840/860 with a 74" sleeper. This diverse range ensures that Volvo caters to the needs of every driver and fleet.