Nature’s Child

Posted By Dave Madill : Dave has been entertaining us with his poetry since 2001. On 2020-03-10 09:37:26

He’s a child of the wilderness, a woodsman out of time
Nature is his solace; its stillness fills his mind.
Once he walked with Druid Priests and matched them stride for stride,
Once he rode across the plain; Cochise was by his side.
He travelled with the voyagers, paddled water deep and cold,
He guided the Forty-Niners as they searched for nature’s gold.
Even when you’re with him, it still seems like he is alone.
The wildness; it calls to him, the forest is his home.
Out of step with modern time, he does the best he can;
He’s out there on the highway, a diesel-driving man.
Beneath the jeans and t-shirt, lies the spirit of the wild,
Out of step with modern man, he’s Mother Nature’s child.