It's Now Or Never

Posted By Greg Evasiuk (Associate Editor): Greg is a third generation trucker with over a million miles and 20 plus years in trucking. On 2020-03-09 14:36:06

In a recent online video, I talked about knowing what you want from life and your job. I also spoke about how much easier it is when you have a plan to achieve the things you want. As I sit here waiting for another load, I can’t help but think how arrogant that sounded. To state that having a plan is a sure-fire way to a better life, as to say, ‘and I know….’ is ignoring the most important part of the solution.

One of my goals coming back into trucking is to maintain my health and eating habits at the same level as when I work an office job. Now in my defence, I hadn’t hauled over the road in Canada in about 5 years. Even then, I ran a pretty regular route that ended in the states, which has a ton of
advantages. What I didn’t realize in my plan was the sad lack of accessibility truckers have to services now. Truck stops are few and far between, and the only restaurant options seem to be fast food. The shower facilities are hit and miss when it comes to cleanliness, and you can forget
about finding parking anywhere near a gym.

No doubt most of you are saying ya no sh%t Greg, but as I said, I hadn’t realized how bad it was. I don’t know where to start in lobbying to get this all fixed, so I’m starting with me.

While the situation is bad, it’s not impossible, so I am working everyday to compile a list of places that have good services. There are often dogs in the jump seat, so I am testing out dog parks and places to get out and be active. In the all-important area of nutrition, I have started trying out
new recipes that I can make ahead of time at home as well as some frozen meals available at the stores. (Not everyone has the time for prep cooking every trip).

There really is no more important piece of equipment you have than your body, so it just makes sense to work hard to maintain it. It is the same hard work that’s necessary to achieve any goal. To make that easier, let’s share our successes in healthy living on the road. Let’s share the good
truck stops that we have found, the restaurants that have a decent menu and truck parking, or the 15-minute workout routine you devised in your truck. Share them with us on our
Facebook page, and we can help each other.